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After the Smoke Clears: Reflections on the Green Scare


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Interviews with Laura Regan, Daniel McGowen, and Will Potter.

'Anarchists will always be at risk from the state, but the Green Scare was a step beyond what we knew to expect, an increase in pubnishment that continues today. It also marked a break in the activity around environmental actions and fracturing of relationships, one that has not yet been recovered from. Interestingly, when the state is so punitive towards even minor actions, there is less reason not to do more dramatic ones ("might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb" is the phrase that comes to mind). At any rate, here are interviews with three of the people who lived through the wide-ranging repression that was named the Green Scare, looking back at the experience and the consequences, pondering what we might all learn and where to go from here.'

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