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Theory of Bloom


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Small book by Tiqqun, translated by Robert Hurley.

From the back cover:

Bloom [blu:m] n. [ca. 1914; orig. unkn., poss. from the Russian Oblomov, the German Anna Blume, or the English Ulysses] 1. The final stimmung of a civilization laid up in its bed and finding distraction from its enfeeblement only by alternating short spells of technophilic hysteria with long stretches of contemplative astehnia. It was as if the anemic mass of wave-workiers lived in a Bloom state. "Down with Bloom!" (J. Frey)
2. Fig. A vacant, crepuscular form-of-life, commonly affecting humans in the world of the authoritarian commodity. => Bloomesque, Bloomitude, Bloomicification
3. By ext. The feeling of being posthumous. To be Bloomed out. 4. The death certificate of conventional politics.
5. The birth certificate of ecstatic politics.
6. Hist. That existence whose assumption determined the formation of the different foci of the Invisible Committee, the anonymous conspiracy that perpetrated acts of sabotage, comented uprisings, and ended up liquidating commodity domination in the first quarter of the 21st century. "The spectators stand still when the train passes." (K.)'

LBC Books, 2012.

Product Code: THEZ5K8M14


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