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September Commando:


Product Information

The second instalment of politically charged satire, scrutiny and social commentary from John Yates' graphics compound. Whereas his first anthology of work (also published by AK Press), was a retrospective of sorts that gathered together in a single archival collection previously published material, this latest edition comprises an entirely unpublished selection of incendiary new graphics. Featuring over 100 of Yates' new designs, September Commando is a visual assault on all things bad. From our benevolent leaders on Capitol(ist) Hill to Twenty First Century Cops, from his "own" apathy-embracing (de)generation X to the selling of Corporate American ignorance (and purchase theoreof) to the (pocket) enlightened m(asses). September Commando picks up where Stealworks left off and from there on out it's a tri-lateral social injustice kill spree. To the barricades, and don't spare the hors d'oeuvre!

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